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Lace Lock Wig Glue

Lace Lock Wig Glue

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 You can now secure your wig with confidence with our Lace Lock Wig Glue. This glue was specially formulated for those who perspire heavily, have oily scalps, and made to withstand high and humid temperatures. With our waterproof technology you will have a longer and stronger hold able to withstand sever weather conditions and working environments. Dries clear with a matte finish. 

  • STRONG BOND while using less product 
  • Great for those who SWEAT heavily, have oily scalps, and live in humid areas
  • Dries CLEAR and MATTE
  • 4 week hold time

For best results follow the directions below:

Tip: If bonding a skin/polyurethane unit, apply one thin coat on the base. This should always be completed before you start applying Lace Lock Wig glue to the scalp. 

  1. Prep your Skin using the Sweat Ban
  2. Apply 3-4 THIN COATS of Mega Bond to the your scalp, keeping the same quantity of adhesive with each coat. Allow roughly 20 seconds in between coats for each coat to dry. Make sure that each coat is CLEAR before reapplying. 

  3. Once the 4th coat is applied, wait 7-10 minutes for Lace Lock Wig Glue to completely cure (AIR DRY. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO AIR DRY USE A BLOW DRYER ON COOL SETTING ONLY!)

  4. The recommended cleaner to remove Lace Lock Wig Glue from the scalp is our skin sensitive Lace Lock Wig Glue Remover. To remove Lace Lock Wig Glue from the hair unit, please use 91% or 99% Alcohol.


    For maximum results, within the first 48 hours refrain from swimming activities, or getting that area where the glue is wet. It needs to CURE in order for it to work. 


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